About Karon Thomas

Certified Master Trainer

Karon Thomas received training from Fowler Int. Academy of Professional Coaching as a CPC, Certified Professional Coach, Self Awareness/Empowering Life Coach.

Karon has received her CMT Certified Master Trainer By FIA, which has become her passion to assist and inspire Entrepreneurs who would like to become a Life Coaches so they also can changes lives for the better.

She revealed her many talents in 2003 as a published author of  Find  the Power from Within That Knows All.

CMT Karon Increased her Personal Power as a Universal Mind Practitioner, through one on one uplifting and Edifying. As a Poet, her Poem Pure Love, was conceived and given literary accolade by a well known Poet Society: Great Poems of the Western World.

After guided years of transformation, CMT Karon made a personal commitment to the disadvantage who is willing  to make a lasting change. Now her journey is focused on spiritual Edifying , and Training as many Life Coaches as possibles so they can help their clients with their goals and objectives.

Karon has touched many lives through shelf awareness/empowerment using her natural gifts and talents in urban as well as growing communities.

The Certified Master Trainer enjoys speaking, training, coaching, writing, community workshops, and motivational seminars.

Quotes from Karon

  • Each step should be directed with the INTENTION to achieve.
  • Rise up to the challenge, and step into your Personal Power.
  • When you decide to create your personal vision , I Can’t, should not be an option.